Additional Parts, Kits, and LED's for Classic Porsches

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Headlight Relay Kit
for Porsche 911

Porsche 911 Headlight Relay Kit

These Headlight Relay Kits are availab le for the 911 74-88, and also for the 911 65 - 73.

In line Fuse 2 A for Instrument
for Lights Porsche 911

ATC Type fuse is on the left, Glass Type on the right in the picture above. One spare fuse included

Dash Light Wire Harness for 911

Dash Light Wire Harness replacement
for 911 64 - 73 with 7 bulbs
and for 911 74 - 88 with 8 bulbs

Bulb Holder for BA7s

Replacement Bulb holder for instrument lights. When these Bulb holders getting old and and the bulbs are getting lose, and make bad contact. Here is the replacement for them.

Dimmer for instrument lights 911

Most of the original dimmers in the light switch don't work any more or just not right. This dimmer is prewired plug and play, and mounts below the knee pad, at the right side of the steering wheel, on the existing nut from the knee pad.

LED Light Bulbs

LED Bulbs for external marker lights and Instrument lights.