7" LED Headlight DOT certified 

Plug and play for Porsche 914, 924, 928, 944, and 911 with Sugar Scope Lights

Also for VW Aircooled Beetle, Karman Ghia, and Bus Vanagon

 Direct Replacement, no wiring required

Please note, these Kits are for sale only within the USA,
 and Left Hand Drive cars.
Click HERE to contact me about shipping outside the USA
or for Right Hand Drive version.
LED  Headlights DOT Certified DOT Approval Market on  the Lens
Regular H4 Headlights against the garage door
New LED Headlights against the garage door
Hella H4 Headlight LED Headlights
Regular H4 Headlights in the drive way New LED Headlights in the drive way
Hella H4
LED Headlights
Installed in Porsche 944 Installed in Porsche 911
944 LED LED 911
Installed in Porsche 914 Installed in FF Cobra
7" LED Headlight
$295 Per set of 2 + $25 s/h